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Betjee com is a great opportunity for players from Pakistan and Bangladesh to join the huge community of betters. Players are offered a wide range of different games that include famous sports. Moreover, you can take your mind off your routine if you start playing exciting casino content. You are offered generous bonuses for sports betting and casino games. And the good news for you is that this resource is a joint development with a famous market Betfair.

Welcome Bonus

100% Bonus Up To 410 BDT

Every user of the Betjee bd platform is entitled to a Welcome Bonus. The site supports currencies such as BDT and PKR. This means that players from Pakistan and Bangladesh are very important in welcoming guests. The site is licensed under the license issued by the government authorities of Curacao. 

About Betjee in Bangladesh and Pakistan

Year of Foundation: 2019
Currency:Bangladesh Taka, Pakistani Rupee
Welcome Bonus:First Deposit Up to 600 PKR (for Pakistan Players)
Welcome Bonus ৳ 400 (for Bangladesh Players)
Languages:Bengali, and English
Sports:Cricket, Socker, Tennis, Boxing, Ice Hockey, Horse Racing, Basketball, Badminton and many others
Casino Games:Slots, Table Games, Live Casino, Fishing, Arcade, Lottery
Versions:Support Windows, macOS, Unix OS for PC
Support iOS and Android for mobile

Benefits of Betjee for Asia Players

benefits for betjee

Players often ask: what is betjee, and what benefits do players who sign up there get? Betjee is a licensed gaming platform where you can bet on sporting events and play online casino games.

Every user who registers here gets the following benefits:

  • Ability to play at bookmakers and online casinos that are licensed in Curacao
  • Every player who makes his first deposit is entitled to receive a bonus.
  • In addition to the bonus on the first deposit, a lot of all kinds of promotions are waiting for players, which are aimed at increasing the chances of winning
  • You can bet on certified games
  • Ability to make deposits and withdraw winnings in local currency
  • Increased security and safety of your data
  • Extended limits on payment transactions
  • Professional Customer Support that works around the clock and is ready to help you at any time of the day or night.

License and Regulation

betjee license and regulation

The Betjee gaming platform is regulated under the laws of the island of Curacao. It is this government body that regulates the online gambling market. Thanks to this license, players do not have to worry about the safety of their data and do not have to worry about fairness. However, this license restricts access to players from several countries that are required to register and play. But for players from Bangladesh and Pakistan, the doors of the platform are open.

Betjee Apps for Android and iOS

betjee applications for all devices

If you want to start playing Betjee Pakistan on your mobile devices, you have this opportunity. The operator offers you to start playing on Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets. All you need to do for this is download and install a special app. This application is available on the official website; you must download it yourself. The installation will not take much time, but you will have a full-fledged betting shop and casino on your device.


To download the Betjee app on your Android device, you need to:

  • Visit the homepage of the website from your mobile device browser
  • The dark blue navigation bar contains many icons of sections on the site, but you need to click on Download App, which has a picture of a mobile phone on it
  • A page will automatically open in front of you where you need to select your operating system, click on Android
  • The application will start downloading
  • Once the download is complete, you can proceed to install the application
  • Go to the Download Manager
  • Select Betjee apk and click on it
  • If you get a notification that the application cannot be installed, you need to go to Security and approve the installation from Unknown Sources
  • Now run the application again, and it will start installing
  • When the installation is complete, you can run it and use the Betjee login specified during registration.


To download and install the Betjee app on your iOS device, you need to follow some identical steps:

  • Open the main page of the Betjee sports website
  • In the navigation bar, locate the mobile device icon
  • Click on it
  • A new page will open where you will be prompted to install the app on iOS. Your operating system will be recognised automatically
  • When you click on Download, you will be given a link to the App Store, where you can download the app
  • Once the app is installed on your device, you can log into your account and start playing.

Betjee Registration Process

betjee registration process

Here we come to the point where Betjee Sign Up is required. What does signing up give you? By going through this process, you can enjoy all the benefits of the gaming platform. You can make deposits, play your favorite games, bet on sporting events, and withdraw your winnings in all available ways. Therefore, you have a great opportunity to Betjee register.

How to Register on Betjee?

The Betjee register process itself will not take you much time and does not require any additional knowledge. All you need to do is to prepare your registration data.

Go to the home page or in the app on the start screen and click on Sign Up. A form will appear where you need to enter your details:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Currency
  • Refer Code if you have one
  • Click on the arrow that tells you the next step
  • After that, enter Full Name
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Email
  • Verification Code
  • Confirm that you are 18 or older and click on Finish.

Now, Username and Password, you will be able to Betjee account login and start playing for real money.

Betjee Login Guide

how to login at betjee

To log in to your Betjee account, use the Username or Password you entered during registration. Please note that Login and Password must be complex. This is because scammers can use simple login details. It is recommended to write down the data you have entered on paper so you don’t forget.

Players need to be aware of the account login process. This is very important because some may make mistakes not only during registration but also during login.

How to Login to Betjee?

Login to account Betjee is easy. The buttons and navigation are very convenient and intuitive. To log in, you need to click on the same name button next to the Sign Up button at the very top of the site.

After that, it is necessary to enter:

  • Username (this is the parameter you specified during registration)
  • Password (was also set up at the time of account opening)
  • Click on Login Now.

If you have forgotten your account password for any reason, you can recover it. To do this, click “Forgot Password?” in the Login form. Now enter the Email that was specified during registration. You will receive an email with instructions on changing your password.

To remember your Username or change it, you must contact Customer Support. However, here you will have to provide many different parameters. Therefore, you should initially write down all login details so you don’t waste time restoring access to Betjee.

Betjee Account Verification Process

betjee verification

It is quite easy to start playing at Betjee. You just need to register and deposit, and a huge amount of entertainment opens up in front of you. But to get the opportunity to Betjee withdrawal funds, you will need to go through the verification procedure.

The verification process will not be too complicated if you initially used valid data. To start this procedure, you need to do the following:

  • Login to your account in your browser on the website or in the app on your mobile device
  • Now you need to find the Member Centre, which is located at the top of the website or app, and click on it
  • You will immediately find yourself on the Personal Info page (here, you can check all your data that relates to the account)
  • Now you need to confirm your Email and Phone Number if you have not done it before. When you confirm your Email, you will receive an email with an activation link you need to click on. And if you want to confirm your mobile phone number, you will receive an SMS with a code that you need to enter on the confirmation page
  • When these items are activated, you will immediately see a button that is responsible for verification in Betjee
  • Click on Verification Profile
  • You will now need to upload the documents shown in the window. This is usually your passport or driving license
  • After uploading the documents, you need to wait for some time. Sometimes verification takes up to 24 hours
  • You will be informed about the results of your account verification when you receive an email to the Email you specified
  • Having passed verification, you will be able to use the site’s services without restrictions.

Betjee Bonuses and Promotions

betjee bonus for users in Pakistan and Bangladesh

For the most part, any of the bonuses can be obtained by making a Betjee deposit. These bonuses are designed to give players from Pakistan and Bangladesh maximum benefits and more opportunities to win. By making deposits on the gaming platform, you can receive bonuses and participate in many other promotions. All these bonuses will apply to both sporting events and casino games.

For Bangladesh Players

Bonus nameMax BonusMin DepositWager
Sports Free 500 BDT First Deposit Bonus500 BDT500 BDTx5
Welcome Bonus 400 BDT400 BDT500 BDTx8
Refer a Friend up to 15% Unlimited1,000 BDTNone
Live Casino Reload Bonus 60%4,500 BDT500 BDTx20
Weekly Sports Cashback 50,000 BDT50,000 BDT500 BDTx1
Sports Free Bet Daily 1,200 BDT1,200 BDT500 BDTx20

For Pakistan Players

Bonus nameMax BonusMin DepositWager
Daily Slot Cash Rebate Bonus100,000 PKR10 PKRx1
Welcome Bonus600 PKR1,000 PKRx10
Refer a Friend up to 15%Unlimited1,000 PKRNone
First Deposit Bonus 150% Slot & Fishing4,500 PKR500 PKRx24
Free 288 PKR Signup Bonus288Nonex10
Up To 14% Sports Exchange Cashback50,000 PKR500 PKRx1

Betjee Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

payments methods at betjee

Betjee offers its players quite a wide list of different payment systems. Thanks to them, you can make deposits, get bonuses, and play your favorite games. Moreover, you can use the same payment systems to withdraw your winnings. All these tools work perfectly in the web version in the browser of the gaming platform, as well as in the mobile application.

For Bangladesh Players

Bangladesh players can use such payment systems for deposits and withdrawals:

  • BKash
  • Nagad
  • Rocket
  • USDT.

For Pakistan Players

Players from Pakistan, on the other hand, can use systems such as:

  • Easypaisa
  • JazzCash
  • Upaisa
  • Bank
  • CashMaal
  • Perfect Money
  • USDT.

Betjee Online Sports Betting

sports betting betjee

For you to be more frequent at Betjee win, you will be offered many different sports. The gaming platform, in this case, aims to provide you with the maximum number of sports so that every player has a choice.


The match shall be played on a large oval pitch with clear markings. A rectangular area called the pitch (20 m long and 3 m wide) is placed in the center of the pitch. This is used to serve the ball to the batter.

The pitch is divided into several lines (crises). The following types of crises are available:

  • Popping (marks the boundaries for batsman output via rang-out)
  • A pair of return crises (placed on either side of the pitch along its entire length)
  • The bowling fold is used to mark the serving area.

The main objective in cricket is to score more points than the opposing team. Points are earned by running between points until the match is over or taking the opponent out of the game with a run-out. The team playing with bats is called the batting team.

Two teams of 11 players each play on the field. The fielding team must have all players in the game. The batting team plays two batsmen whose task is to bat the ball after the bowler’s delivery. The batsmen must then change positions without being hit for an out.


Kabaddi is a popular, fairly simple contact sport with a thousand-year history dating back to ancient India and South Asia. The basic rules of kabaddi are simple: two teams of 7 players play two halves of 20 minutes on a large square field. Players from each team take turns running down the center line on the field towards the opponent’s half of the field, touching opposing team members and running back. The more members of the opposing team they touch, the more points they score, but if the opposing team can physically prevent them from reaching their half of the field, no points are scored!


The main goal of the game is to score more goals than the opponent in 90+ minutes of the match. The game is divided into two halves, each lasting 45 minutes. There is a break of 15 minutes. If it is an elimination cup match and the score is tied, the teams must spend another half an hour on the pitch (2 halves of 15 minutes each). If the match’s fate is not decided over overtime, the opponents shall settle the matter in a penalty shoot-out.

Table Tennis

A tennis match is a duel between two athletes who take turns using rackets to send the ball across the net to the other half of the table. The goal is to hit a shot that the opponent cannot hit back. Whoever hits the most irresistible blows will win in the end – each successful shot brings the tennis player one point. In addition to singles competitions, there are team competitions, where two pairs of athletes face each other.

A table tennis match is divided into games – sets. Within each game, the exchange of strokes continues up to 11 points, and the difference in the score must be at least two points so that if the score is 10:10, the game continues up to 12 until the gap reaches two points. The final success is celebrated by the athlete or team that wins a certain number of sets. As a rule, four. A table tennis match can consist of seven games at most. For example, if the set score is 3:3, the seventh game becomes decisive.


Badminton is played with rackets and shuttlecocks of specified standards.

In competitions, a match consists of two or three games. Each game is played to 21 points. Victory is awarded to the player (pair) who scores 21 points first with a difference of 2 or more points, e.g. 21:19 or 21:14: 21:19 21:14.However, quite often, there is a balance on the court when the score in the game is 20:20. Then the game is played until the winner with a difference of 2 points, for example, 26:24. Still, at the score 29:29 the winner is the one who won 30 points. After each game, the players change sides; if the score is 1-1, the third game is played, where the change occurs when the score reaches 11 points.


The game involves two teams taking turns playing defence and attack. It is necessary to score more points (runs) than the opponent. A point is scored when an offensive player runs all the bases. Playing baseball with a ball. At the start of the game, one team plays a nine-man infield defence. The visitors start offensively, and to score points, they must earn the right to run counterclockwise – the goal is to take the next base. Once a player reaches home base, the team scores a run. Before the run starts, the defensive player (a pitcher) stands in the middle of the playing square, in the middle of the bases on the slide. The offensive player hitting the ball with the bat (the batter) waits for the moment the ball is passed from the pitcher to another defensive player behind the batter and catches the ball (the catcher). If the catcher catches three balls from the pitcher – he scores three strikes; after that, the teams change places. If the batter hits the ball into the infield, he throws his bat and runs to first base. When he does not reach the base, and the ball is already caught in the field by other defensive players and delivered to the catcher, a strike is called.

The game is divided into several segments – innings, according to the standard, there are 9 of them. Teams within an inning play one time each in attack and defence.

If the score is tied at the end of the main time – an extra inning is declared until one of the teams is ahead of the opponent.


Volleyball aims to move the ball with the hands over the net to the opponent’s half of the field, trying to make the round ball touch the court or bounce out of bounds from any part of the opposing player. At that time, the opposing team must prevent the ball from touching its half of the court.

Volleyball rules prohibit players from hitting the ball twice. Usually, a team tries to organise an attack with three touches: the first is a reception and a simultaneous pass to the tiebreaker (the one standing under the net – zone 3), the second is a pass to the attacker, and the third is shot. The victory goes to the team that wins more games (3 to 5 sets are played depending on the tournament).


The main task of boxers is to defeat their opponent using various techniques and combinations. The winner is determined by scoring points, which are put up by the judges or early (knockdown or knockout of the opponent). As a rule, the fight is conducted with special leather gloves for up to 12 rounds.

Horse Racing 

Several days are allocated for this event. Each day there are a certain number of races lasting about 2 minutes. There are breaks in between for fans to eat or place bets.

Horse racing has its own set of rules. The horse must be weighed before the start of the competition. About 10 minutes before the start, the pairs enter the field. The jockeys lead the horses so that all the fans can see them. Then the competitors are placed in the stalls, where the start is made. At the judge’s discretion, they can start from the starting gate. Each horse has a number as well as a stall.

The horse that touches the finishing tape with its head first wins the race. Usually, a photo-finish is used in races, allowing disputes to be resolved quickly. There are four prizes in the race. At the end of the race, the four horses that came in first are re-weighed. If a horse has lost more than 300 g in weight during the race, its result is cancelled.

Other Sports

Don’t think the sports listed above are the only ones at Betjee. Ice Hockey, Basketball, Handball, Cyber Sports and other sports are also available here for your enjoyment.

Bet Types and Odds at Betjee

Players will be asked to choose among Money Line, Totals, Winners etc. All these betting options are designed to give you a better chance of winning.

Lines and Live Bets in Betjee

Players are offered the most favorable odds when playing from Pakistan or Bangladesh. Low margins allow them to attract more players and provide better services.

A separate option worth mentioning is Live bets. Here you can place bets right during your favorite match. Each such bet can be cancelled. However, according to the rules, it can be cancelled for a certain period. It will be approved if you do not have time to do it.

How to Bet in Betjee?

It is very easy to start betting at Betjee. All you need to do is:

  • Register an account
  • Log in to your account
  • Make a deposit
  • Get a lucrative bonus
  • Go to Sports
  • Select the desired sport
  • Select an event
  • Make a bet and confirm it
  • Now you know how to place a bet!

Betjee Online Casino

betjee casino

Betjee Casino is designed to give players a bit of variety. The fact is that betting on sports can sometimes get boring. Therefore, players can switch and have fun, especially since many games are on the site.

Just imagine you will have access to gaming content from providers such as Evolution Gaming, Sexy Gaming, Venus Casino, PG Soft, KA Gaming, FastSpin and others.

How to Play Casino Games in Betjee?

To start playing at Betjee casino, you need to do this:

  • Register an account
  • Log in to your account
  • Deposit into the account
  • Get a bonus
  • Go to the main page of the website
  • Select Casino section
  • Now choose any games you like and play.

Available Casino Games

Players from Pakistan and Bangladesh get a unique opportunity to play all the top games in the Asian market. Plenty of Slots, Table Games, Card Games, Fishing Slots, and Live Games exist. Choose what you like the most and start playing.

Online Lottery at Betjee

lottery games at betjee

Play instant lotteries on the Betjee website. You can access games such as Saba Happy 5, Saba Lotto, Saba Table Game, and Saba Lottery.

Betjee Sports Exchange

sports exchange betjee

If you don’t want to bet on sporting events against Betjee, place them against other players. The gaming platform provides many betting options where players compete against each other.

Betjee Security

Security on the site is provided through 128-bit cryptographic encryption. This shows that the platform cares about the safety of players’ data. Moreover, some software products here will prevent intruders from getting hold of any data.

Responsible Gambling

Responsible play is a hallmark of the Betjee gaming platform. Each player can set deposit or loss limits directly in his account. And if you want to self-exclude, just write to the online chat on the site, and customer support specialists will do it.

Betjee Support

You can contact Customer Support to get help or ask questions.

Email[email protected]
WebsiteOnline Chat

Why do Asian Players Trust Betjee?

Asian players can fully trust Betjee. The fact is that this is a verified gaming portal that has a license to operate. Moreover, this site is a partner of the most famous bookmaker Betfair. If you are thinking Betjee real or fake, we can say that this platform is more than real. Just imagine the number of benefits you will get immediately after registration! None of the gaming clubs will be able to offer you this. Especially bonuses and promotions where you can participate.


  • How to claim a bonus in Betjee?

    Getting a bonus on the gaming platform is very easy. Log in to your account. Make a deposit, and you will see what bonuses are available to you right now. Click on Activate and enjoy the game.

  • What should I do if I forget my password?

    Click on Login. You will now see "Forgot password?" at the bottom of the form. Click on it. Enter the Email address that you registered your account with. You will now receive instructions on how to recover your password.

  • Is there a jackpot on the gaming platform?

    Yes. In Betjee, the total jackpot pool is over Rs 17,800,000.

  • How do I register on the gaming platform?

    Signing up for Betjee is very easy. You need to click on Sign Up. Then in the form that appears, you need to enter your registration details, and you can start betting and winning.